Green Roads Delivers First Certified Hemp Plants into Florida

green roads donates hemp plant for research to uf ifas

From the beginning, an essential part of Green Roads’ mission has been to help the hemp industry grow by supporting hemp education initiatives as well as research on effective and innovative cultivation practices. That is why we are incredibly proud to announce that we have successfully coordinated the delivery of the first certified hemp plants into the state of Florida in 70 years.

An Important Step for Hemp in Florida

These initial 50 plants mark a historic moment for the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences (UF/IFAS) hemp pilot research program. The program was launched last spring in collaboration with Green Roads who donated $1.3 million to the program.

“Through our collaboration with Green Roads and the state of Florida, we look forward to generating the science to make hemp a dynamic industry in Florida,” says Dr. Roger Kjelgren in a press release on Kjelgren is the director of UF/IFAS Research and Education Center (MREC). “Now that Green Roads has provided IFAS with the initial pilot plants, the real work starts as we propagate plants in preparation for late spring field plantings. We must research how much light, water, and nutrients are needed to efficiently produce hemp for wise resource use and optimum yield.”

The pilot program was created to determine what hemp varieties are more suitable for planting in Florida’s different environments. The program also seeks to develop and establish the best hemp management practices and cropping systems economically viable in the state. The industrial hemp pilot program counts with three state-of-the-art research facilities in Homestead, Hague, and Quincy.

New Opportunities for the Sunshine State

hemp education

This first delivery promises to open new doors for the hemp and CBD industry in the Sunshine State. The CBD market alone is expected to reach a net value of $20+ billion within the next three years creating thousands of jobs along the way.

“These initial 50 plants — the first to prep, propagate, and plant in the state — will set a new, exciting frontier that positions Florida for great economic advantage for generations to come,” said Arby Barroso, co-founder of Green Roads. Barroso has long advocated for pilot program initiatives, hemp education, and legislative policy-making in Florida.

“Our company’s investment in financial and expert resources to support the University of Florida is all about protecting both farmers and consumers and doing this research is paramount in accomplishing that mutual goal,” added Barroso.

In addition to CBD products, hemp can be used for multiple purposes including textiles, human and pet food, beauty products, clothing, and paper. Hemp’s versatility makes it a highly valuable crop that could change the future of farmers nationwide.

“This is truly a monumental moment for farmers,” added Barroso. “This research will allow farming family legacies to continue and thrive with its youngest generations and birth new opportunities for others. Additionally, it will increase agricultural jobs across the state and launch and/or grow industries that support the farmers and those utilizing their crops for product development, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and sales.”

Growing the Industry

According to Arby Barroso, Green Roads’ commitment and involvement in this program are to ensure companies like Green Roads have access to the highest-quality CBD for their users.

“Since our mission is to improve the lives of others, we take quality, safety and transparency very, very seriously,” shared Green Roads co-founder and CEO Laura Baldwin Fuentes in the press release. Baldwin-Fuentes is the licensed compound pharmacist in charge of the company’s product development.

Their commitment to making the best CBD products in the industry has helped Green Roads cement their position as the leading CBD brand in the nation. Despite their success, Green Roads is still working hard every day to improve their services, products, and to impact the industry. Their contribution to this program is solid proof of that.

“At Green Roads, we third-party lab test through three different production stages for each batch of the 50 products we produce. While working in an unregulated industry, we chose from day one to set and follow stringent self-regulation policies with full consumer transparency of what is in the actual product they are buying. While this process adds great expense to our production, it is earning and maintaining consumer trust that is of greatest significance to us,” added Baldwin-Fuentes.

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