Green Roads CEO Laura Fuentes Featured on Yahoo Finance

Green Roads in the Yahoo Finance

We want to express our gratitude to Yahoo Finance for featuring Laura Fuentes and enabling us to discuss some of the most pressing concerns facing the industry and the company. From claims to the latest FDA ruling prohibiting the sale of all food in which CBD has been added. Let’s recapitulate what was discussed in the interview.

Laura went on to talk about Green Roads’ partnership with the University of Florida to support the growth of hemp in the state as an initiative to make hemp a dynamic industry in Florida. 

Unlike other new industries, the CBD market is ahead of the research and government regulations, but as discussed in the article with the farm bill now in effect, it has “opened up the gates so the other universities could start doing studies.”  At this point, it’s only a matter of time before the true benefits of the compound are discovered. 

One of the major hurdles facing CBD companies like Green Roads is the official classification of the compound. When asked if classified as a pharmacy or natural supplement, Laura confirmed that “we’re not classified as anything, we’re waiting for the FDA to make that decision.” 

Growing in the Face of Uncertainty 

The CBD industry is relatively new. From inconclusive state laws to lack of consistent research, Laura was asked how the company plans to keep on growing in the face of so much uncertainty. 

She stated, “Green Roads is a wellness company. We really concentrate on the final end-user and putting out quality products that everyone can rely on.” She added, “As far as where we’re heading for the future, the public is going to tell us what products they are looking for and what’s working for them.”

We are enthusiastic about the future of the industry and the research that is to follow.  In 2017, Forbes placed us as one of the top 10 CBD brands in the country. We’ve also been highlighted in numerous publications including Cosmopolitan, ESPN, NBC, BuzzFeed, CBS, and now Yahoo Finance.

As a result of our commitment to potency and purity,  we have been awarded “Best CBD Product,” “CBD Advocate of the Year” at the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards,  and we are the largest private CBD company in the U.S.

Green Roads CBD

Our obsession with the potency and purity of ingredients, our exclusive formulations, and third-party lab testing are all part of our devotion to our shoppers. It’s no surprise we lead the industry in transparency, and our products are proudly sold in more than 10,000 locations across the U.S.

Our CBD products are produced with hemp grown here in the United States. Each and every batch of our products are examined by an independent lab to guarantee that the contents always match what is on our labels. 

In an extra effort to make the shopping experience more enjoyable, we regularly update the lab results on our website for everyone to access. We offer CBD in many forms; the choice is yours. But as Laura said, “Always consult with your physician or healthcare professional before adding CBD to your regimen.”

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