CBD Terpenes: The Ultimate Guide

Terpenes are natural compounds responsible for the smells, flavors, and colors found in every plant on Earth, and cannabis is no exception.

Humans have used terpenes, unknowingly, for centuries. All natural food flavorings are some type of terpene, and many health and beauty products contain terpenes for their aroma and effects. In addition to scenting the world we live in, terpenes are the primary active ingredients in plant essential oils, providing the various subtle effects that each essential oil is known for.

Terpene oils infused with CBD are commonly known as CBD terpene oils.

Terpenes are more than just smell-good compounds. The combination of terpenes with other cannabinoids, such as CBD, may enhance the effects of the cannabinoids. Terpenes have a unique impact on your endocannabinoid system with each type delivering a different sensory experience. For example, some terpenes may promote a sense of relaxation, while others may promote a sense of alertness. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your CBD regimen in a non-intoxicating way, then you’re looking for terpenes!

The Entourage Effect

Studies have shown that terpenes extracted from cannabis offer a wide range of benefits when used in combination with CBD. In fact, when terpenes work together with CBD, they create a stronger effect than CBD alone.

Green Roads CBD Terpenes

All of Green Roads terpene products combine the benefits of natural terpenes and broad spectrum CBD oil to deliver a richer experience by producing this synergistic phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect.

To understand this concept, think of human interactions in the business world. Some have certain gifts and abilities that allow them to excel in something. Sometimes, these people meet other individuals who have a different set of gifts. When partnerships or alliances are formed between these two groups people, and abilities are joined, achievements can be made that were otherwise impossible.

Benefits of Terpenes for General Wellness

Terpenes are also antioxidants, meaning they may control the damage done by highly-reactive byproducts of our metabolism that can have a detrimental effect on our well-being. Free radicals and other reactive compounds produced by cellular activities can destroy delicate structures like DNA. Antioxidants like terpenes attract free radicals and neutralize them before they’re able to do any damage.

benefits of cbd terpenes

Cannabis, unlike most modern day medicine, contains a wide range of chemical compounds. Scientists have identified over 113 unique molecules in cannabis known as cannabinoids, which includes CBD. The plant also produces terpenes… a LOT of terpenes.

While THC has gotten most of the attention over the last half-century, more recent studies suggest other compounds present in marijuana have a synergistic effect on one another. This accounts for the extreme differences between different strains, especially when considering that all 113 cannabinoids are also terpenoid compounds, with much interaction taking place between cannabinoids, terpenes, and our body’s collection of receptors.

What Are the Different Flavors That Users Can Try?

Different flavors will deliver different sensory experiences and target different conditions. Currently, we have five unique terpenes that you may find to taste and perform amazingly!

  1. Strawberry AK: Our newest addition to the terpene family is the Sweet and Floral flavor from the Strawberry AK.
  2. Original Nectar: The citrusy flavor is familiar and tangy, great for those who may want a more accessible terpene.
  3. Pineapple Express: One of our best sellers, this tropical and sweet tasting terpene has a delicious flavor! Perfect for starting your day.
  4. Sour Diesel: Earthy, yet sweet, Terpenes from this Sour Diesel are great for people who crave something more. If you’re a fan of a richer and stronger flavor, you’ll be a fan of sour diesel.
  5. Blueberry OG: Like actual blueberries, this terpene tastes fruity and earthy.

CBD Terpenes for Sale

So where can you find some quality CBD terpenes for sale? Can you buy terpenes online?

Although you can find hundreds of companies selling CBD products online, some of the best quality CBD terps can be found at Green Roads. Green Roads supplies bottles of CBD terps with 100mg of CBD and a wide array of terpenes (1ml contains approximately 7.5mg of CBD and 4mg of terpenes).

Green Roads CBD is always extracted using cutting edge extraction methods and formulated by a licensed compounding pharmacist with 25+ years of experience. From pineapple to strawberry, you can choose from various aromas and flavors that will suit your needs and cater to your specific wellness goals!

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