CBD Oil – Yes! is a family-owned business located in the gorgeous mountains of Asheville, NC.  Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

We are very proud to be retail and wholesale distributors of Green Roads World CBD Products, because we use the products, have first-hand knowledge of their incredible quality and results, and are completely confident in the purity of their entire CBD line.

Our intent at CBD Oil – Yes! is to provide the highest quality CBD products in the world, offering our clients a vast array of third-party tested, pharmacist formulated CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD edibles, CBD pet products, and so much more.

Our Founder

Shay Parker

Founder Shay Parker has over 10 years of experience in ALTERNATIVE HEALTH & METAPHYSICS and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Shay has hosted her own radio show on CBS Radio, as well as OMTimes Radio, and has interviewed well-known celebrities, such as Shirley MacLaine, Melissa Etheridge, Dee Wallace, and more.  Shay has been featured on the cover of the world’s largest conscious-living magazine, OMTimes, and currently hosts Metaphysical Minds Livestream Show on Facebook.

Shay joined forces with Green Roads World to offer CBD products in Asheville, NC and nationwide after experiencing severe back pain due to a horse-riding accident.  At the same time, Shay’s eldest dog was having considerable difficulty walking, due to advanced arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Having tried everything else for pain (acupuncture, massage, regular chiropractor visits, rolfing, reiki, and more for both Shay and her dog), she took a chance and tried CBD oil, on the recommendation of a friend.

Well, after trying a few different brands and not experiencing any real results, Shay began extensive research on the best CBD products on the market.  She was adamant about the products being organically-sourced, with no heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, etc., and also wanted to see unbiased third-party lab testing to ensure the CBD products were the purest possible, without psychoactive THC.  Additionally, clean lab conditions were at the top of the list, as well as a CO2 extraction method, produces the cleanest strain of the extracted oil.

After considerable searching and testing different products for 6 months, Shay finally found the one company that met all her requirements, and actually produced results, which included relieving the pain she and her dog were suffering.  That company was Green Roads World.

Shay hopes you will soon join in her love for these amazing CBD Products, and looks forward to long-term relationships of health and wellness for all her clients and colleagues.

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